Frequently Asked Questions

I have an animal; can I donate it to The Science Center?

We at The Science Center do not accept any live animal donations.

Does The Science Center build exhibits for community organizations or other museums?

Yes, we do! The Science Center does custom dioramas, hands-on science exhibits, sculptures, and even signage. To inquire about a custom exhibit, contact our Executive Director Connie Adams.
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Why are you always cleaning when I visit?

If you have any children, you understand that cleaning is a full-time job. Most of our cleaning tasks are handled by local community volunteers, some of which have disabilities. Volunteering at The Science Center provides a place to gain vital job skills needed to succeed in the workplace. We also know the importance of a clean environment; therefore, we strive to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

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Does The Science Center Offer Group Rates?

At The Science Center we do offer group rates! Our group rate is $3.00 per person without a program or $6.00 per person with a program included.  To qualify for this rate, you are required to book in advance and must have a minimum of 10 guests in your party.

How Do I schedule a field trip or group visit?

Signing up for a field trip to The Science Center is a simple process! Just give us a call to reserve a time. Times are subject to availability. All Field Trips must be booked in advance, no exceptions.

Does The Science Center host birthday parties?

We do! For more information, please see the Field Trips & Birthday Parties page to learn more.

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Are you associated with the St. Louis Science Center?

We are not directly associated with the St. Louis Science Center. Both centers, however, are members of The Association of Science and Technology Centers, and both feature similar membership benefits at both museums.

What is the admission cost?

Admission for The Science Center is $7.50 per person, including adults. Ages two and under get in for free!

Family Memberships are $90.00 per calendar year.

Who owns The Science Center?

The Science Center is a private 501-3© not-for-profit corporation that is run by Executive Director Connie Adams and a board of directors. We are solely funded by attendance fees, memberships, and charitable donations. We at The Science Center receive no income from local, state, or federal taxes.

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Are you open today?

Our hours are Wednesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm, and Sunday from 12pm-5pm

Why are you closed sometimes when the grade schools are closed?

The Science Center closes when grade schools close or when poor weather would cause dangerous conditions. If roads are unsafe we do not want visitors to get harmed coming to see us.

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